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Oct 2011 - Dec 2011:
- Sketchbook Project
- Sponsored Students Update
- Khao Lak Charity Golf Tournament 2011
- Craftshop High Season success
- Narenthorn Ambulance update
NEWS FLASH 08 Feb 2012
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Khao Lak Community Appeal: A better life through Education and Healthcare.

The Khao Lak Community Appeal was launched in January 2005 in memory of six British friends who died in the tragic events of the Tsunami on Boxing Day 26th December 2004. They were staying in Khao Lak, the most devastated area in Thailand. The charity is also in recognition of the fantastic people of Khao Lak, who did so much to help survivors, having lost virtually everything themselves.

The Aim of The Khao Lak Community Appeal is to give back to the community in Khao Lak through improvements to Health Care and Education in this region of Thailand.

The Appeal Success
The response to the Appeal was fantastic. Thanks to the generosity and efforts of so many people we were able to raise over £1million. To those who did and gave so much, whatever size your contribution, we say a big thank you.

We still need your help!
The Khao Lak Community Appeal continues to fundraise for ongoing projects.  Please see the New Projects page for what we’re currently up to, and take a look at the Events page for any up coming activities you might want to get involved in.

The khao lak community appeal is now researching into new project ideas for next year. The local government are helping us to distribute a questionnaire over the next couple of weeks; this should provide some insight into what the community think is lacking or what they feel needs improving. From there we can address the charities future plans and targets for our next project.

Some of our projects:
Watkommaneeyakhet School
On December 26th 2004 a tsunami hit the coast of Thailand in many places. The West Coast, in particular Phang Nga province, was one of the worst affected areas in the country. This was a catastrophic event, which was to have a huge effect on the area for years to come. People lost friends, family, possessions and livelihoods. The Khao Lak Community Appeal decided to help the community in Khao Lak by improving facilities at the largest local school in the area, Watkommaneeyakhet.
Ambulance Donation
One part of the objective for the Khao Lak Community Appeal is to help improve health care facilities in the Khao Lak area. On 9th April 2010 the Khao Lak Community Appeal donated an ambulance truck to the area of Khuk Khak, Phang Nga. After researching the situation of emergency Health Care in the area, it became apparent that emergency response vehicles, although available, were either inadequate, far away or belonged to private hospitals (making them an expensive option for locals). We spoke to a local volunteer team from the Narenthorn Organisation to find out a bit more about the situation and they informed us that they were using their own pick up trucks for this work – clearly not an ideal situation.